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Smoke Media is run by four teams of volunteers. Get to know us here. We’re always looking for new article and project ideas, so don’t be afraid to get in touch. You can also make a general enquiry.

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  • Nicole El-Helou
    News Editor
    Final year English Language and Literature student splitting my team between London, Beirut, and anywhere else life takes me! Constantly sipping lattes while trying to navigate Regents Street to find the best pizza places.
    Aylin Paula Karanis
    Lifestyle Editor
    Second year Journalism student, half Turkish half German living in London. Ideal life style; Dressing up nicely, whilst traveling, where I eat A LOT and learn about their culture. To write about all of this and get paid for it.
    Rituja Ravikiran Rao
    A second-year Journalism student, Rituja is passionate about all things media. She loves news and all things journos do. Guess what she had for breakfast? News! Aspiring journalist in denial of adulthood, struggling to keep up with her fast paced workaholic life, she will talk about anything and everything.
    Lauren Waugh
    News Editor
    Final year English Literature and Creative Writing student, originally from Durham and now living in London. I love theatre, cute animals and Game of Thrones. As News Editor I focus on student politics, particularly NUS and ever rising tuition fees. I also write scripts for TV and theatre, including 'Spiral.'
  • Amy Avent
    Hi, I am Amy the Editor-in-chief of Smoke Mag. I am a final year Pol and IR student who can be found on the Regents Campus when I am not hiding in the Media Hub with coffee. You can contact me with any submissions or queries at
    Imani Livingston
    Assistant Editor-in-chief
    Hey guys, i'm Imani and I am a 2nd year Contemporary Media Practice student! I love all types of music and consider myself the world's greatest armchair cook. Although reading is a passion of mine I never seem to find enough time to get it done. I love getting to know creative people so feel free to get in touch with me at:
    Lareb Naseem
    Music Editor
    Lover of all things, a helper and mainly described as a 'translator' when you can't think of the right words give me a shout~ Headphones are always in, so if you do see me around approach me. The likelihood of me hearing you is very slim!
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    Lama El Khamy
    Music Editor
    Eclectic human being with a passion for learning everything. I love meeting new people and chatting so if you ever see me, just come up and say hi, promise I won't bite 😀
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    Kate Reichardt
    Fashion Editor
    Hello! I'm Kate, Fashion Editor and 2nd year Journalism student. I love to travel, to the point of planning my next trip while I haven't even returned from the last one! Experiencing new cultures gives you different life perspectives, and that is what I aim to do with the fashion section, have different perspectives and discussions of an art form that represents character and culture. So if you have any fresh ideas feel free to contact me.
    Cristian Angeloni
    Comment Editor
    Hi I'm Cristian, the Comment Editor. Final year Criminology student, and journalist on the make. Can be found in Regent's cafe drinking far too many skinny americanos and making musical theatre references 99% of the time.
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    Egle Lusciauskaite
    Head of Marketing
    Hey, I'm Egle, Head of Marketing! I'm a 1st year PR and Advertising student. I love exploring places and new challenges. I may be quiet when you first see me, but then you get to know me 😉
    Omar Balde
    Fashion Editor
    Hi I'm Omar Balde, the fashion editor and a second year journalism student. I love everything that is other than "normal". I like to travel, fashion (obviously), music and films. I'm a really easy going person so everything that you need just email me.
    o_theseao.thesea omar.balde
    Louis Holder
    Arts Editor
    "Hello! I'm Louis, one of your new Arts Editors and a 1st Year Film student who can be found on Harrow Campus. I'm deeply passionate about The Arts, and I show my appreciation for different mediums through practice, attending events and engaging in arts activism. I'm a creative thinker and love meeting and collaborating with like-minded students. I'm also a huge film nerd, watching all those 'off-the-beaten track' releases and have a hopeless attachment to Wes Anderson too."
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  • Callum Denning
    Station manager
    I’m the person who’s usually running around between studios looking like everything’s going wrong (it’s not, though, trust me). When I’m not busy with Smoke, for some reason I’m yet to fully understand, I waste my money on watching Birmingham City FC attempt to play football home and away.
    Fay Cross
    Assistant station manager
    I'll be helping Callum run the station but if you've got any questions or want to do a show from our central studio hit me up. I'm also in my second year studying Radio and Digital Production.
    Clare Overy
    Head of Daytime
    “Hi, I'm Clare, a second year Radio and Digital Production student and Head of Daytime on Smoke Radio this year. I'm also a producer and presenter on the station as well. Last year I produced the Monday Breakfast show, FaB Breakfast, which pushed me to want to become Head of Daytime this year and I also won bronze at the Smoke Awards for Best Producer. Getting involved with Smoke Radio in my first year was the best thing I did so I'd definitely recommend it and I'm looking forward to what Smoke Radio can do this year!”
    Sofia Loporcaro
    Head of Specialist
    “I’m Head of Specialist here at Smoke Radio, managing all of the Specialist shows. I joined Smoke last year, and quickly fell in love with it. It gave me so many awesome opportunities, such as interviewing bands and volunteering at National Student Pride. Through my role, I hope to help new students have the same amazing opportunities. I’m a proud Canadian, meaning that I keep a stash of maple syrup in my flat. I’m also an avid music nerd; I often find myself out discovering new music and I play the banjo (or at least I try to!).”
    Mark Hoskin
    Head of Music
    “I’m Mark, Head of Music for the station – this basically means that it’s my job to pick all of the songs that you hear on the daytime playlist. I’m also in charge of making sure that all pre-recorded shows go out at the right time. Away from Smoke, I’m massively obsessed with music (hence the job role, ey), my music interests range from anything from electronic and indie to house and grime. I’m also a huge Arsenal fan, so if you see me at the Emirates or shouting at a TV in the pub, feel free to come say hello!”
    Natalie Malcolm
    Head of Events
    “Oi oiii I’m Natalie, head of Events and Marketing – I will make sure your year is full packed with sick parties yaaaaaas!! I currently study Radio and Digital Production and have a particular love for all urban genres of music my favourite being grime. You’ll most probably find me at the Supreme or Palace stores in Soho as I have a passion for streetwear fashion and have done for several years. I literally love going on bike rides and baking cakes (I sound like a granny now lol). If you hear someone shouting oi oiii it’ll probs be me as I say it way to much!”
    James Larvin
    Head of Social Media and Branding
    “Hi, I’m James, the Head of Social Media and Branding, so surely that makes me head of the emoji’s? I’m a second year Radio and Digital Production student and also the resident Yorkshire man. There’s never been a better time for social media especially in the radio industry. My job is to make sure that we can shout about all the great things we are doing with the station, in the most effective ways, so more people know about our great station! I’m also going to be making sure that we have slick imaging that will make your ears tingle.”
    Stephen Small
    Head of Visuals and Online
    “Hi, I’m Stephen, I’m a second year Television Production, Head of Visuals and Online and Smoke’s resident Irishman. If you’re ever at a Smoke Radio event and see someone pointing a camera in your face, chances are it’s me. So, sorry in advance! This year we’re really trying to push people to visualise features and content for their shows, so if you have any ideas and need some help, feel free to contact me!”
    Chris Chapman
    Broadcast Engineer
    “Hello! I'm a Second Year TV Production student, and also the Broadcast Engineer for this year. I'm in charge of the website, the stream, and fixing anything that breaks. I also train people on how to use our studios, so if you need help with anything let me know! When I'm not fixing tech things for Smoke Radio, you'll find me presenting or producing shows both for Smoke and elsewhere on the internet—or on my sixteenth hour of my current Netflix binge”
    Ollie Browning
    Deputy Head of Journalism
    “Hi, I’m Ollie, Smoke Radio’s Deputy Head of Journalism. I’m currently in my second year at Westminster studying - you guessed it, a Journalism degree. This year we’re hoping to take Smoke’s news and journalism further than ever before and we’d love your help. We’re pushing for a bigger, frequent presence online, covering not just university news but also stories you’re interested in away from campus. I wasn’t involved during my first year here at Westminster but I’m so glad I’ve become part of a great team!
    Lucy Lavery
    Head of Sport
    “I’m Lucy Lavery, Head of Sport this year for Smoke Radio, so basically the next Clare Balding in other words. I’m from a magical place called Bolton, so if you don’t like gravy…I won’t like you. I suffer from a condition known as ‘grumpy resting face’ but don’t let that put you off, I may have a face like a slapped backside but I’m lovely really.”
  • Alicia Wilson-Fraser
    Station Manager
    Tadas Baglakas
    Deputy station manager
    Noura Abou Zeinab
    Head of entertainment
    Vahag Hakobyan
    Head of post-production