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10 beauty advent calendars you will want this Christmas

Lifestyle, Reviews

10 beauty advent calendars you will want this Christmas

11 months ago
By Smoke Media

By Marie Negus

It’s finally the week that many us have been waiting for, excitedly but patiently. The 24 day countdown is soon to begin, although many of you have been waiting for months, after all it is the most wonderful time of the year.

On Thursday, whether you are 8 or 18, you will be peeling back the window in your advent calendar, to the mysterious treat that awaits you. If this year your mum hasn’t bought you the advent calendar you want as she insists that you are ‘too old’ now, and you refuse to buy one for yourself, or maybe you fancy an alternative to the traditional chocolate filled advent calendar, then this year you certainly have plenty of choice.

We have now seen a rise in the popularity of beauty advent calendars with many of our favourite brands and stores adapting their own versions, much to the delight of beauty obsessed babes.

Admittedly, they are pricier than your £4 dairy milk calendar, but they are the perfect little pre-Christmas gift this festive season, even if it is a gift for yourself.

Smoke has selected 10 beauty calendars from a mixture of luxury and budget friendly high-street brands. The products range from, creams and eye-shadows, to nail varnish and lipstick.

1. NYX £60


Available at

2. Charlotte Tilburry – World of Legendary Parties £150


3. Benefit- Girl O’Clock Rock £29.32


Price exclusive to

4. River island -£12


Available at

5. Asos- £50


Available at

6. Joe Malone- £280


This is out of stock on most online sites, baring Ebay, but it was too good to leave off the list.

7. Ciate- £50


Available at

8. Clinique ‘7 days of Clinique’- £23.80


Available for exclusive black Friday price at

9. Tanya Burr – 12 Days of Christmas £25


Available at

10. Marks and Spencer Beauty and Make Up