Ten times your mum was right about everything


Ten times your mum was right about everything

6 months ago

We have all been there, when you can’t quite bring yourself to admit that your mum was right about something. From the dodgy haircuts to eating your five a day, we bet you have experienced one of these 10 times that she knew best.

The haircut that you hated, but realised that it really looked good on you
Receiving compliments from everyone made you regret the tantrum you threw when your mum made you get that haircut.

That homemade remedy for the flu
We all hated that nasty drink we forced down when we were coughing our lungs out. However, nothing else made us feel better.

Loosing something then finding it in the exact location she told you to look in
We’ve all been in the situation where we couldn’t find something and asked her for help. We also remember the surprise when she found it in 2 seconds!

Eating your veggies
Being force fed carrots and brocolli is horrible even as an adult, but we always knew that she had our best interests at heart.

That person she told you to stay away from
Remember when you introduced your mum to the friend she didn’t like from the very start? When they stabbed you in the back, she was always a shoulder to cry on.

When she told you not to play fight inside the house when you were younger
But you went ahead and played anyway and ended up breaking something, then you were grounded for two weeks.

Using the bathroom before leaving the house
Leaving for a long drive, but needing a wee fives minutes down the road is not fun, especially when you are greeted with the words “I told you so”.

Needing to wear a coat
We have all been there, when a coat will ruin your outfit and your ego turned down the offer to put one in the back of the car, but then freezing for the entire day, but never admitting it.

When she told you to spend more time with family
“Come out of your bedroom and socialise with us” is a phrase that hurts our ears, but we all regret not doing that after moving to university.

Wearing sun cream
You thought that you would be fine without it, but it turns out that looking like a tomato isn’t so cool after all. And let’s not forget the constant nagging to use after sun, which lets admit, we ignored too.