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APPLICATIONS REOPENED: Smoke Radio 2018/19 Committee!

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APPLICATIONS REOPENED: Smoke Radio 2018/19 Committee!

1 year ago
By Rhys Gunter Avatar

It feels like only yesterday our current committee were typing up their applications and being interviewed, but the time has come to select a new Smoke Radio committee for 2018/19!

This year we have made some changes to the roles available, so do read the descriptions of the roles prior to applying. The roles available are Station Manager, Assistant Station Manager, Head of Daytime, Head of Specialist, Head of Music, Head of Marketing, Head of Events, Head of News & Online Content, Head of Technical, Head of Production and Head of Station Sound and Imaging.

For the first time, we are opening up applications to ALL University of Westminster students.

This is a fantastic oppertunity for you to learn new skills, meet industry personnel, be creative and to run an award winning radio station!

We have re-opened applications for all positions to allow more students the oppertunity to apply. All current applicants, you do not need to resubmit an application. Applications will officially close at 10am on Thursday 17th May.

How to apply

We ask you to submit a full 600 word application which outlines, your experience, how you would suit to the role, what you would improve and what you love about student media. Send your application to before the deadline. Feel free to include any work that shows you’d be a good pick for the role, we’re looking to see what you’ve already done that can relate, but don’t worry if you don’t have loads of experience, as passion and drive go a long way!

Applications are open to all current University of Westminster students, no matter what course you study. You must also be free on 22nd May to attend an interview with the current committee and the Students’ Union’s Student Media Co-ordinator. If you’re unable to make this, let us know in your application.

Please include your name, current year of study, which course you are taking and which campus you’re based at.

You can apply for two roles, but please make clear which is your preference in your application. The committee will be unveiled at the Smoke Awards (Date TBA).

Roles available

The roles are as follows:

Station Manager

As Station Manager you will be managing the overall output from a day-to-day basis, constantly helping develop programmes and content ideas. It’s important that you make sure all of the committee know exactly what’s happening and that they are all working together in order to make Smoke Radio the best it can be. From working closely with committee members, you are the person to encourage them to maintain their standards throughout the year and to help them within their role. You will be making sure that the Station complies with OFCOM’s code, rules and regulations to maintain those standards that you would hear at any other station, it’s all good practice!

You will be chairing weekly meetings with the committee to hold them to account, and to develop the station further. You will be communicating, managing and developing volunteers: bloggers, producers, presenters, on-air talent etc. As well as being responsive to any questions/queries that anyone involved or not involved in the Station has. It’s also important that you create good connections with the Student Union and other societies within the University, this will help you expand and gain more interest in the Station. You will seek to find further opportunity for the station in the local area and across London, showcasing Smoke Radio image. We will be looking for students that have dedication, organisational skills, work well with others, and can demonstrate leadership skills and most importantly have amazing ideas.

Assistant Station Manager

Assistant Station Manager works closely with the Station Manager in the overall running of the station. You’ll need to support the Station Manager in meetings with the Students’ Union and University, as well as helping with structuring the plan for the whole of the next year. You will need to be able to work closely with the Station Manager and the Students’ Union and help make sure that everything is organised, from keeping a collection of audio to being in charge of making sure everybody is kept aware of what’s happening!

You will be in charge of the studios at the Cavendish Studio. That means making sure all the equipments are up and running and providing training to those who would like to use the studio in Central London. Organisational and good management skills is a must as you’ll also be responsible for help running events such as Student National Pride and SU Election Coverage.

Head of Daytime

The Head of Daytime is in charge of the station’s programming from the hours of 8-6pm Monday to Sunday, a focus of mainly entertainment shows. This includes maintaining the schedule on a consistent basis. It must be pointed out the scheduling requires making strategic and sensible choices that will make listening enjoyable for listeners.

Responsibilities include ensuring that daytime presenters are fully trained with not only using the studio, but with presenting and producing quality content. You must make sure presenters are aware of OFCOM regulations. You’ll be communicating to daytime presenters to ensure presenters regularly present their show and producers are keeping the shows to a high standard.

Head of Specialist

The Head of Specialist is in charge of our content from 6pm to the early hours of the morning, which is wide variety of programmes from music, speech, and journalistic shows. You will be shaping Smoke’s sound in the evening, so that we sound professional and enjoyable for our audience.

You’ll be in charge of programming, teaching, and mentoring everyone within these hours. The role involves the maintaining the schedule on a consistent basis of show schedules. It must be pointed out the scheduling requires making strategic and sensible choices that will make listening enjoyable. This may involve grouping show with similar genres together.

You will need to keep on top of making sure people are doing their shows, as well as helping to give advice on how to improve. You will need to be competent with the equipment in the studios, as you will often be the first port of call for help when it’s needed.

Head of Marketing

As Head of Marketing you‘ll be in charge of ensuring the Smoke Radio branding is consistent in any promotional material online, in print and in video format. You’ll create event posters, promotional videos or any other official visual branded material.
Your other main responsibility will be the creation and curation of social media content designed to appeal to a London-based student audience. You will work to ensure the social network strategy increases engagement and awareness of the brand across all campuses, as well as planning and implementing well thought-out marketing campaigns for station events throughout the year (such as Student Pride). You’ll also co-ordinate social media teams for events when required, and work closely with other members of the team to ensure the branding and brand messages are consistent in all areas of the radio station.

You must have knowledge of the Adobe Suite, in particular: Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator. Previous graphic design, video production and social media management experience would be a plus.

Head of News and Online Content

Head of News and Online Content plays a vital role in producing material material for Smoke Radio’s website. This includes writing articles that are interesting for Uni students and coverage of Smoke events such as SRA nominations and award. You will update the website with Uni and Smoke Radio news. You will be in charge of leading a news team and will need to be aware of events going on across the university’s four campuses that we can go and report on the station.
You will ideally have excellent contacts with Students’ Union staff, lecturers, students and managers. You will need an understanding of journalism law, and be able to ensure your journalists stick to the Smoke Radio style.

Head of Events

Head of Events will be in coming up with fun and exciting events for Smoke Radio throughout the year. You play an important role in making sure the station has a presence on campus. Moreover, you help in fundraising for the station and the charitable work we do. You will be managing and booking acts for events at the Undercroft Bar, and across Central London. You will work the Marketing Manager to create a branding for each event. You will also be responsible for making sure all events are effectively marketed online, with Facebook events and online graphics. If you apply for this role, you need to be passionate about planning events and organising logistics, as well as making sure that you’re able to keep organised.

Head of Technical

You are the first port of call for all things technical. You will take care of everything to do with the website and live streaming for the station. You will ensure output is available 24/7 for the station. You will also monitor outgoing live and pre-recorded material output. This includes the live stream and other online services services such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Audioboom etc. You’ll also be responsible for our stream-managing platform.

You will engage and assist in a range of broadcast and IT operations / equipment, provide technical support and offer original suggestions to any technical problems that might occur during operational and programme activities around Smoke Radio. The successful applicant must possess the aptitude and willingness to work across a broad range of Broadcast Engineering activities and Technical Operational tasks.

Head of Music

Head of Music provides the music output for Smoke Radio. The station’s playlists is updated every fortnight with the a hottest song of the moment, but also new music from smaller/local artists.

Liasoning with label pluggers is a big part of the role as they provide the songs and provide interviews for the website and on the radio. You will also be the editor of the music blogging team and will need to read through blogs before posting them. Alongside writing, b you will also need to get a team to record interview which to upload to Smoke’s audioBoom channel. You will also be responsible for arranging interviews and gig reviews with artists via record label pluggers.

The Head of Music should be a big music lover and have a good understanding of what our listeners want to hear in a student radio playlist.

Head of Production

Head of Production oversees the station’s production of outside broadcast. You will work with Station/Deputy Station Manager for big events such as Varsity to everything is set up for live events and facilitate audio content. You will also add all the little touches and putting together packages for broadcast from the National Student Pride podcast or the SRA Training Day podcasts. As well as this, with big events such as Student Pride – you’ll work closely with the Station Manager and Head of Events and Marketing for outside broadcasts on the day.

Head of Station Sound and Imaging

This is a brand new role for 2018/19. The main responsibility is working with the Head of Marketing to creating and producing imaging, music, jingles, idents, trails, voice overs and sound design that represents Smoke Radio. This includes imaging to be played on regular basis and for special broadcasts such as SU Election Coverage and seasons such as Christmas and Halloween. Being in charge of Smoke’s sound and imaging will also involve creating idents and sweepers that play between songs. You will work with show presenters/producers to create jingles, trails, and ident for their programmes. Creating trails could involve working with the Head of Events & Marketing for anything coming up for the station.