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Be part of National Student Pride 2018!

News, Radio

Be part of National Student Pride 2018!

2 weeks ago
By Smoke Radio

Fancy being part of a yearly Smoke Radio tradition? Now’s your chance, as National Student Pride returns to the University of Westminster for 2018!

We’re looking for people to do anything from interviewing people on the day, to running our live blog of coverage!

It’s a chance to gain some great experience alongside national media professionals while being part of a really fun day!

The only requirement is that you’re available all day on Saturday 10th February! There will also be a mandatory media training for the event on 30th January at 6:30pm at the University of Westminster Marylebone campus.

If you’re interested, send an email to, saying which role you’re interested in and why you think you’d be suitable. Applications close on Thursday 18th January.

OB Producer
– To produce and oversee the radio output for Smoke Radio on the day. The OB will be based at the Live Music stage, however audio collected from the entire event, AudioBoom channels and live on-air interviews between acts should be arranged.
– Be able to instruct the OB Presenters
– Flag up the best content to Press Team for press releases

OB Assistant
– Assist OB Producers wherever and whenever needed
– Help arrange on-air interviews with guests and panellists at the event
– Work closely with Live Bloggers and Interviewers to ensure best content possible is used
– Feedback regularly on how the OB is going to Press Officer/highlight any concerns, questions

OB Presenter
– Have a lively and fun personality
– Have an evident passion for LGBT advocacy
– Will be the voice of the event so must be mature and know how to listen to instruction
– Work with the rest of the OB team to get the best interviews possible

Interview Co-ordinator
– To work with NSP team to get access to guests and panellists for interviews
– Oversee and advise the interview team
– Ensure that interviews are collected from a range of attendees, including students, stallholders, organisers and VIP guests.
– Ensure that the best content is shared on the Smoke Radio AudioBoom, live blog and other appropriate platforms.
– Flag up best content to Press Team for press releases

Interview Team
– Carry out vox pops and produce other relevant soundbites from the event.
– Flag up the best content to Interview Co-ord
– Interview a range of attendees – students, stallholders, organisers and VIP guests

Social Media Team
– To use a designated social media account to highlight the day using the hashtag #StudentPride for people who can’t make it.
– Working over all social networks to deliver shareable content
– Flag up quality content to Social Media Manager

Branding and Advert Producers
– Create adverts and branding for Smoke Radio alongside the Head of Social Media and Branding which can be used in build up to event.
– Create branding/jingles that can be used on air during the event
– Work with Smoke Radio’s Head of Music to decide on appropriate scheduling

Technical Operator
– To assist the technical operations of the day either at the studio or at the event
– Manage the broadcast at the studio by communicating with the OB producer / presenters via OB equipment.