This is how the media forces us to care about Beyoncé


This is how the media forces us to care about Beyoncé

8 months ago
By Minal Maugi

The female pop superstar Beyoncé Knowles-Carter sent all social media platforms into a total meltdown with the multitude of her fans around the world going crazy in love with her pregnancy announcement.

The Crazy in Love hitmaker, previously holding the Guinness World record for Grammy nominations, set another Guinness World Record for being the most liked image in the history of social media. Using Instagram to officially announce her pregnancy to the world and her fans, the singer posted a photo of herself sporting a lingerie, draped in a veil and caressing her baby bump.

According to Reuters the post reached over six million likes in less than eight hours on Instagram and became the top trending item on Twitter with more than 500,000 tweets within the first hour.

As the news spread all over the internet, breaking all social media records one can think of, it seemed that the world was going crazy over the news. The world had caught Beyoncé fever.

The swarm of the singer’s fans, famously referred to as the Beyhive, shared their madness and excitement through snapchat videos, memes, Instagram posts and tweets. This resulted into a flood of fans recording videos to express their thoughts and feelings, girls and boys sharing their shock, crying, and dancing.

“world had caught Beyoncé fever”

Other fans shared their feelings by claiming how Beyoncé’s twins will be the messiahs for America.

With the growing social media and fan craze over Beyoncé’s pregnancy, the wide-spread media coverage and the extensive speculations of Beyoncé’s delivery date circulating every second around us, it is undeniable that the media is increasingly making individuals mentally and emotionally attached to celebrities like Beyoncé.

Witnessing swarms of ardent fans going berserk and experiencing extreme feelings, and emotional attachment to Beyoncé, as in the case of her pregnancy thanks to the mass media, may an acute celebrity fever be underway?

Celebrities, as images manufactured by the media, have become ubiquitous in dominating media discourses, and society. Especially with the rise of social media, the boundaries between celebrities, such as Beyoncé and viewers are blurring, as celebrities are increasingly sharing aspects of their daily lives on social media platforms.

The mass media persistently circulates a culture centered on celebrities, where news stations, major newspapers, magazines, television and the internet among others focus on the comings and goings of celebrities, their fashion choices and personal lives.

As viewers and fans are deliberately exposed to this celebrity culture, they are developing an intimacy level and attachment to celebrities, and experiencing similar feelings to the celebrities, and becoming happy in the celebrity’s happiness.

The mass media seems to be deliberately producing an illusion of interpersonal contact whilst playing on illusions of intimacy through its media networks, which is increasing a sense of proximity between our identity and that of celebrities in one level and promoting an acute sycophancy over celebrities on another level.