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From fashion to food, these blogs are must-follows

Fashion, Lifestyle

From fashion to food, these blogs are must-follows

3 years ago
By Katherine Cenaj

Blogger stardom is a real thing, it’s a career that people of all ages aspire to have. After all, it’s often bloggers that we see plastered on the side of double decker buses as we walk down Oxford Street, on TV adverts as we flick through the channels and on magazine front covers as we walk past the newsagents. All you have to do is scroll through Instagram to have a sneak peek inside the glamourous lives of bloggers worldwide and if you’re looking for a couple to follow then here are the top five.


If you’re a foodie (let’s face it, who isn’t?) but are struggling to keep healthy without your mum here to nag you for not getting your five a day in, ‘Deliciously Ella’ might be just what you’re looking for.

Eating healthily has never been easier than now with Ella’s simple recipes inspired by her own health struggles. Mixing different flavours and combinations makes for weird and wonderful dishes you’ll be trying out with all your flat mates.


ThatPommieGirl has got what you’re looking for. For daily outfit inspiration and beauty tips, you shouldn’t look further then Sarah Ashcroft who posts affordable fashion (hey, we all know what living on a student budget is like) with a hint of luxury. She blogs about brands we all know and love and shows you how to style like a pro from every-day cas’ to a LBD and killer heels.


If you’re longing for a bit of adventure and sun in these gloomy, cold days then ‘Something Devine’ is for you. American based family Brad and Hayley Devine mix the artistry of video and photography with simple short posts; letting the visuals do the talking. If you’ve got the holiday blues their globetrotting ways are brought straight to your laptop.


The London Blog – we’re lucky enough to be studying in one of the most beautiful cities in the world so why not make the absolute most of it. Whether you enjoy clubbing, museums, music or just getting free stuff then follow ‘London on the Inside’. Regularly blogging about life in London, the high’s and low’s as we have all come to understand them and for simple advice for what’s on and what to do; check them out. It’s a bit more of a site then a blog nowadays with a bunch of contributing writers but it’s still one that anyone in London will enjoy.


And finally, one of the most popular blogs out there – ‘HumansofNewYork’. With the latest stories and interviews right from the mouths of New Yorkers, it’s both captivating and truly unique; showcasing the good and the damn right ugly the big apple has to offer. This blog not only offers the stories of everyday people but shows us a real glimpse of nitty gritty life through photography. If you only follow one blog – this should be it.