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Democracy or censorship?

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Democracy or censorship?

1 year ago
By Deepshikha

Everyone is entitled with the freedom of speech but the thing which matters is that how carefully we exercise this privilege without hurting or offending someone.

Freedom of speech should not cause distress or resentment among people. Don’t let your conversation give rise to unrest or intolerance among the students. Being an International Students Hub for academia, London attracts thousands of students every year for higher studies. In such scenario, any kind of comment related to race, religion, orientation or even origin can demoralize and discourage them. People are very sensitive about these topical issues so they should not be picked up on these.

Students always look up to their course tutors and faculty members for inspiration and motivational support. I strongly feel that the tutors and faculty members should not judge a particular student or carry any bias for or against them. They should always have a neutral perspective about people from every community.

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Recently there was a talk of the town about a teacher who was banned by the high court for passing a homophobic comment “homosexual lifestyles”. I think the personal opinion of the tutor should not mask the freedom of speech. A tutor is a hallmark of knowledge and hearing this from them would not be disheartening but also make one feel low about themselves. This might lead to decline in student’s self-esteem, confidence and may even affect his optimism.

Despite being a democratic economy, the underlying rules and norms highlight the significance of conscious and structured communication.

Recently, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford was thoroughly criticized for her comment related to homosexuality. Was it right? Hailing from such prestigious institution, she should have honored and safeguarded the interests of her students. Rising intolerance among the students may cause disruption in University areas and may lead to menace.
It is rightly said, “Words are like arrows which should be used with caution and extra care.”

For a society to be accommodative and prospering, it is important that its members acknowledge the strength of diverse opinions. Institutions in London are the torchbearers of democracy and a fertile forum for venting opinions forms the basis of it. For the smooth functioning of any organization, respect is the key factor which should be kept in mind.

To conclude I would like to voice my opinion by saying that communication is a relationship. The way one communicates acts like a foundation stone for nurturing strong ties of any relationship.