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Face to face with Sam Feldt

Interviews, Music

Face to face with Sam Feldt

10 months ago
By Miriam Cocuzza

Miriam Cocuzza met with Sam Feldt at South West 4 to discuss his inspirations, collaborating with Akon and future plans.

What brought you to produce this kind of music and become Sam Feldt?

I started Djing when I was 11 years old, I bought all the equipment, lights and speakers, and played anything from Hip-Hop to Hard Style. After a couple of years, I changed my name from Sammy Renders to Sam Feldt, so I could play and produce music that I personally like, such as “Show me love” and “YES”.

My album is going to be very diverse

Who is your biggest inspiration right now?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, especially in music it is so broad, Ed Sheeran is doing it right for example, or I love Don Diablo and how he does his branding. I can get inspiration from every aspect of my life.

How would you describe your upcoming album?

It’s very diverse. It is going to be accessible at every time of day, you can have a Sam Feldt track perfect for when you wake up at 9 am in the morning or a banging 2 am track that suits a festival.

What do you do before going on stage?

I try to be on site at least half an hour before, see what the current DJ is playing, what I need to play, if I want to play some new songs.

How did you end up producing a song with Akon?

He was a childhood hero of mine and his label had a vocal of “YES” with a different singer. I made the track and when it was finished, the guy from the label said Akon also had a vocal, so we actually didn’t meet before the video shoot but he is a really cool and funny guy.