Five things you only know if you study in Harrow


Five things you only know if you study in Harrow

9 months ago
By Charlotte Racher

Oh you go to The University of Westminster, I’ll get on the central line, right?

Northwick Park tube station would be that station Secret London talk about being a place you’ve never visited in the city, except no one would actually want to go there.

The bean bags are quite cool.

When you attended the open day you first walked in and thought “wow bean bags, on the stairs, look Mum, how fun” and you never looked back. But little did you know that’s the most fun you’ll have in Harrow because there’s absolutely nothing around, I am convinced it was the result of an apocalypse.

The bean bags make Harrow way better than the rest

There is a sense of superiority over having the SU bar.

WE OWN MESSY MONDAYS – is this something to be proud of? Let’s go with yes. Sure, Oxford Street and quirky street performers on your door step is cool but alcohol beats everything in University rock paper scissors.

Messy’s is probably the best thing about Harrow

An overwhelming sense of being incredibly basic.

Attending a creative campus is great you’ll never see so many weird and wonderful people with such interesting looks. Arriving in a casual bomber jacket, jeans and converse used to be okay. But then a fashion student walks by in their wide legged trousers, shiny contour and a jacket you couldn’t possibly find even if you were desperate – you start to feel incredibly basic, you are the Tesco’s essential range whilst they are an urban food market.

At times it feels like we’re in High School Musical.

It’s normal to be lining up for a coffee whilst last years X Factor semi finalists are giving a performance whilst the radio students are in the booth doing their own chat show. Walking anywhere is a pain. You’re either dodging first year journalists after a vox pop on Brexit or you’re saying “oops sorry” with a weird tip toe walk as you get in the way of the TV students filming. Of course all this all takes places when you’re not fake-looking at the exhibitions in the forum for free wine.

So it’s not completely awful being in the least known campus at The University of Westminster.

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