For best picture: Arrival


For best picture: Arrival

3 years ago
By Omar Balde Avatar

With the Oscars next Sunday everyone wants to know who will win the best picture, so for this week, we ARE going to talk about all the films that have been nominated, and explain why they will win and why they will loose.

First, let’s start with Arrival. Arrival is a sci-fi drama, with Amy Adams as the lead actress. The story is set out to understand what the aliens that have landed on Earth want from this planet, and Amy Adams is the person who tries to translate their language.

Why it might win

1) The post-production editing is fantastic, the visuals are impressive, and the motion graphics are even more spectacular.

2) Then the story reflects a real problem of the human kind nowadays, communication and the Academy love this kind of story. Even if doesn’t talk directly tp the problems of today, the sci-fi reflects the problems that we face in regards to listening to other people.

3) Another thing that the Academy loves is when the film makes the viewer think, and this movie does that almost to the same level as the end of Birdman.

Why it might lose

1)The film is not nominated for best director, on a regular basis, the Oscar for best film goes to a movie that the director is nominated for best director, but that doesn’t mean anything Argo won the best picture, in 2012, and was not nominated for best director.

2) There was not a buzz around the film, as most of the other nominated films created an excitement for people to go and watch them, this one was reticent and didn’t create the ecstasy as La La Land did, and that maybe the loss of the film.

3) It is a sci-fi film, and that genre never won the best picture, Oscar.