For Best Picture: Hidden Figures


For Best Picture: Hidden Figures

8 months ago
By Omar Balde

With the Oscars next Sunday everyone wants to know who will win the best picture, so for this week, we going to talk about all the films nominated, and explain why they will win and why they will loose.

This time we will talk about Hidden Figures. Hidden Figures is a story based on three black women who worked at NASA when there was the “space war” between the USA and the USSR. The story shows how the woman helped the journey to send the first man into space.

Why it might win an Oscar

1) It Is a true story, based on a real-life story that the public didn’t know about, and this change the world, the Academy is a fan of real stories as we saw last year with Spotlight winning the award for best picture.

2) It makes a statement; this film came to show that even in a situation of disqualifying three black women can stand and do their job better than anyone, they just had to fight hard and never give up. It is a message that the Academy would like to send to the people because of everything that is happening in the world.

3) It is a story about black people, after last year the #OscarsSoWhite the Academy as to redeem them self for that situation and nothing better than the give the best picture award to a film about three brave, independent black women that change the history as we know.

Why it might not

1) It is not nominated for best director, as we mentioned in the article about Arrival it’s hard to win the best picture without being nominated for best director, it has only happened four times in 88th editions of the Oscars.

2) It doesn’t touch your soul, it is a good drama but doesn’t move you as much as the other films that are nominated, it doesn’t make you cry or think like most of the other nominations. It is a good story but is not emotional enough and the Academy is a fan of emotions.

3) At last, the film is too political, the fact that it as a political view it can be the disgrace of the film if the academy wants to stay out of what is happening in the country.

If you have watched Hidden Figures the film share your comments, this is just the second film we will continue to explore the best picture nominates during this week.