For best Picture: Lion


For best Picture: Lion

3 years ago
By Omar Balde Avatar

With the Oscars next Sunday everyone wants to know who will win the best picture, so for this week, we going to talk about all the films nominated, and explain why they will win and why they will loose.

Lion is a film that tells the story about a boy that lives with his adopted family and is trying to find his blood family, that he got lost when we were younger.

Why it might win

1) Again it is a real story. The events that the film talks about happened and the boy indeed exist. The Academy adores real life stories, so this is a point to have in consideration.

2) The film has cast a large number of Indian actors. It shows diversity what the real thing is, and bring cultures together, as it was partly filmed in India and the other part in Australia. This movie brings cultures together in a away that none of the others nominees does.

3) It touches your soul. The story touches your heart and makes you think about the connections with people, family, and your values. How important is your family to you, the way the movie does that is just brilliant.

Why it might lose

1) The technical part is not the best, the argument and the actors are fantastic, but it lacks on the technical part of the film, the editing, the image is not Oscars-level good. As the best picture is an overall award, this is a part that the Academy have in consideration.

2) The story focuses too much on one point. The focus is on is life and him trying to find is blood family, but there are people around them, like his adopted brother, his girlfriend or even is adopted father and mother that relationships could have been more explored. This makes the story missing some interesting points of is life.

3) The growing up of the character. We saw him when he was a kid and then when he has 25, one of the most interesting things the film doesn’t show that is the adaptation of the new family and country, this was an interesting story. Not saying there’s a need of one more hour but some segments of the kid growing up would be nice for the public connect more with the story.

If you saw the film share your comments, this is the third film we will continue to explore the best picture nominates during this week.