#GE2017 Why I’m voting: Conservative


#GE2017 Why I’m voting: Conservative

4 months ago
By Ollie James

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Theresa May addresses supporters in North Shields

Why am I voting Conservative? Well, to start off I didn’t take this decision likely but I feel the Conservatives suit me the most.

I come from a background of politics, history and economics so the economy and foreign policy are of big interest to me, and I feel these issues are in the most qualified hands with the Tories.

May is the best of a bad bunch

Labour is in a laughable position, and as long as Jeremy Corbyn is the leader, I’ll never vote for him. His position on foreign relations, security, defence and the economy make me concerned should he become leader.

Furthermore, Diana Abbot as home secretary gives me nightmares. Her incompetence is undeniable. I’m not 100% on Theresa May, but I believe she is the best of a bad bunch. The economy has been getting stronger under conservative leadership, with the UK being one of the fastest growing economies in the G7.

The lib Dems are pretty nonexistent and the other parties don’t align with my views. Labour hasn’t seemed to learn its lesson on the economy, and that’s why I’m voting for the Conservatives.

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