#GE2017 Why I’m voting: Labour


#GE2017 Why I’m voting: Labour

4 months ago
By Reuben Pinder

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There’s very little time before the most important general election in our lifetime takes place. I will be voting Labour on Thursday, this is why.

Since the election was called, we have seen a massive swing polling in Labour’s favour, but they’re still trailing. Support for Labour has surged within the last two weeks despite two years of Jeremy Corbyn being labelled by the media and his own party as ‘unelectable’, fixating over his supposed lack of charisma, his left-wing policies and apparent lack of leadership skills. Evidently, he has tapped into something that a lot of the British public share: a desire for progressive change.

The more people see of Theresa May, the further they run

When May called this election, she tried to make it a presidential personality contest, recycling a feature of the 2015 general election campaign, the “strong and stable leadership” line, which I’m sure you’re sick of by now. She has also been consistently trying to focus the debate on who the public would rather have negotiating Brexit on their behalf. That strategy has failed spectacularly, as we can see from the most recent polling numbers (LAB 40%, CON 41% – Survation).

The more people see of Theresa May, the further they run. The Conservatives have panicked; they will probably still win the election but they may end up with a smaller majority, which doesn’t reflect well on the whole “strong and stable” mantra.

Among the youth of Britain, there is a lot of apathy when it comes to politics. Corbyn has engaged a large number of those disillusioned young people during his campaign by offering them hope, policies which benefit them directly, and a refreshing honesty that one doesn’t see in many politicians. He will only succeed if there is a high turnout from 18-24 year olds.

I want…

A properly funded NHS.

The government to stop selling weapons to the Saudi dictatorship.

Tuition fees to be abolished, so chances of going to university are only dependent on your ability to learn and not to pay.

A Prime Minister who has consistently campaigned for progressive causes.

The cuts to mental health services to be reversed.

A government which does not penny pinch while allowing tax breaks for the top 1%.

Disabled people to receive the benefits they need in order to live a dignified life.

A PM who foresaw the rise of ISIS as a consequence of western intervention in the Middle East and will approach the threat of terrorism by adequately funding the intelligence and police services.

I don’t think the Tories can be trusted on any of these important issues, as their record shows. Austerity has not worked. It has brought our vital public services to their knees. We are poorer, less safe and heading off a red, white and blue cliff under Theresa May.

I’m Voting Labour on June 8th.

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