#GE2017 Why I’m voting: Lib Dem


#GE2017 Why I’m voting: Lib Dem

4 months ago
By Amy Avent

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Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, speaks at a fringe event to launch the EU Referendum campaign at the Liberal Democrats annual conference at the Bournemouth International Centre.

Having been a labour member for the past three years, they will not be getting my vote this time round. My labour membership has been revoked and I now consider myself politically unaligned, however, I must vote on June 8th and that is what I intend on doing – voting for the Liberal Democrats.

For me, I am slap bang in the middle of the political spectrum, which is why Labour used to get my vote, but as a self-confessed Blairite (no I do not think that the Iraq war was a good idea as everyone seems to think Blairites are warmongering murderers) Labour is now too far let and the conservatives have shifted slightly more right.

How could we possibly fund free university for everyone?

Jeremy Corbyn has shifted Labour to a party that no longer represents my views, in terms of social policies such as free school meals and smaller class sizes he is spot on, but his economic policies are delusional and will take us down a road of more debt, how could we possibly fund free tuition fees and wipe off all student debts?

And more importantly, why should tax payers pay for students to go to university when it is not a necessity, it’s a luxury which helps us become more employable and sets us apart from those who do not go to university, if everyone suddenly goes free of charge a degree will be worthless and the universities will struggle to accommodate the huge influx of students!

Privatisation of the NHS would be detrimental to Britain

Furthermore, I do not agree with Labour’s foreign policies, I believe that we should not scrap Trident and that we should invest in our military and security services. However, I do not agree with the conservative policies either, the privatisation of the NHS would be detrimental to the country and the benefiting of the rich, punishing the poor would only mean that I will struggle to be able to live comfortable in an economy that favours the upper classes.

As a soon to be graduate I believe that my only option is to go in between the two parties and not give neither May nor Corbyn my vote. And that’s why I’m voting Lib Dem.

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