Gigs by Day, Gigs by Night: Two of London’s most unique music experiences


Gigs by Day, Gigs by Night: Two of London’s most unique music experiences

6 months ago
By Lareb Naseem & Lama El Khamy

A totally unique platform that exposes emerging artists to music fans via an eleven-day promo tour that is built around performances in student union coffee shops and bars around the UK and an accompanying media schedule.’ Having toured the likes of Izzy Bizu, Tom Walker, The Shires and more, CHS have been an essential kickstart to all of their careers.

What makes Coffee House Sessions so unique is that they not only host night events but day events too. Having observed the lifestyle shift amongst students, coffee shops and bars are now much more popular hangout spaces in comparison to clubs. Coffee House Sessions keep live music on campus alive through weekly sessions at nearly twenty universities during term time, through October to March.

“It’s good music and food. It’s that niche audience, the audience that doesn’t need to drink to have fun. The kind that takes the time out of their day to support and listen to music with a cup of coffee. One might perhaps open up to a new genre. Bob Dylan made a living out of it.” -Gabby Espinet, current intern at CHS


Taking you from your daytime, caffeinated beverage to the night is the equally unique community, Sofar Sounds. Have you ever attended a concert where you couldn’t fully enjoy the music? Where people spoke over the artist and recorded with their phones? If you were a part of the audience, chances are you only saw the artist through a screen and if you were the artist, you probably only saw a sea of phones and flashes. Nowaday, gigs have lost their essence, the art performed no longer holds the same importance. However, a community of music lovers decided to try to change this by creating a platform in which there are no distractions or annoyances, just straight music: all from the comfort of a single room.

Sofar Sounds around the world

Sofar Sounds (aka Songs from a Room) is a global community present in over 300 cities around the world. Their mission is to provide people with intimate gigs where artist and audience can connect on a deeper level and enjoy acoustic, stripped down sets. What makes Sofar so unique is that you never know where you’re going or what you’re getting until you’re there. Locations are kept secret until the day before the gig and lineups are only discovered once you’re there. This makes the experience even more exciting and gives you a chance to discover new artists. Sofar provides an environment where everyone is equal, comfortable and connected. Whether you’re a host, artist, volunteer or guest, chances are you’ll create memories you’ll never forget.

Sofar Gig

“If you’re a music lover, volunteering for Sofar is one of the most fulfilling things you could do. You make amazing new friends, network a bunch, learn important skills and, most of all, you take part in magical music experiences on a regular basis.” -Sofia Loporcaro, MC at Sofar Sounds