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Here’s why you should get involved in student media this year

Smoke Blog

Here’s why you should get involved in student media this year

2 years ago
By Naomi Oiku Naomi Oiku

If you’ve just received your exam results and are finding out that you’ll be joining us at the University of Westminster next month, congratulations!

Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering what Smoke Media is, how it works, and most importantly, how you can join up…

What is Smoke?

We’re a student-run media group. We publish a monthly newspaper (The QH) and glossy magazine (Smoke Mag), broadcast 24/7 radio shows from studios on Cavendish and Harrow campus, and produce plenty of videos. You can see our past issues over on Issuu and pick up printed copies on campus.

We’re like any other student society, but we provide a valuable service to Westminster students – producing quality local journalism and programming that they care about.

Being involved in student media is a great way to pick up new skills, regardless of whether you go into the media.

For our members, we’re an ideal launchpad for a career in the media. Student media helps you develop transferable skills, our open training sessions can give you a kickstart in technical topics like camera-work, audio editing and graphic design, and we organise regular events with alumni who have gone into the media.

We’ve collected all the reasons you might want to join us in one place over at

How does it work?

All our members are volunteers. Each Smoke outlet (QH, Mag, Radio, TV) is run by a committee of volunteers, who are interviewed annually in the spring semester. These friendly folks pitch articles and project ideas via our Facebook groups and mailing list, and offer support and assistance to members like you.

Some of last year’s committee members.

While being on a Smoke committee is a substantial commitment (it pays off in the experience and employable skills you gain!), there are no major commitments to being a regular member. You can write or help out with several things a week, or just a single thing all year.

Live shows on Smoke Radio require about two hours of your time per week – one hour for the show and one for preparation.

How can I join?

Being a Smoke member is completely free. You don’t need any special skills or experience. We don’t care about your course or career ambitions. You don’t need to apply, interview or anything like that.

As long as you’re excited about creating quality journalism and programming, that’s plenty for us!

You can join our mailing list for updates on meetings and socials, but our three Facebook groups are easiest way to take part. You can use them to pitch articles, see upcoming events and training, and ask questions.

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