Three de-stress tips for men


Three de-stress tips for men

7 months ago
By Delmar Terblanche

“De-stressing” is not something most guys will admit to needing. Like moisturising, expectations of rugged masculinity have doomed this important and useful activity to the world of the “un-manly” and, hence, forgotten.

But that’s silly. Stress affects everyone, and everyone deserves a few strategies designed to de-stress them.


We start off with the most classically manly technique around. Exercise, particularly aggressive exercise, works wonders. Anything which lets you exercise your energy and frustrations will do wonders for your stress levels.


Listening to the right music for your mood is like letting a third party do the feeling for you. And as weird and potentially unhealthy as that sounds, it works a treat. If you need aggressive music, try Death Grips. Something pained; Radiohead. Or for soft melancholy: Mogwai. The list is endless.


“The Quiet Place Project” is among my favourite parts of the internet. It is a website designed to filter out the white noise which infects so much of our online world – after all; we’re bombarded with more images more rapidly than at any other time in human history. This philosophy is a useful one – moments of detachment, of just walking in nature, of letting go of the hyperstimulation of modern life – these are essential for true de-stressing.

De-stressing is a curious beast. It can be equally well served by intense aggression and utter calm. But key to any of these methods working is the admission (to begin with) that de-stressing is needed, and that any notion of it being “unmanly” belongs firmly in the trash heap of psychiatric history, crunched up in the corner while you meditate and relax in the centre of the room.