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Meet the new Smoke Radio Committee

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Meet the new Smoke Radio Committee

4 months ago
By Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson

Smoke Radio is back! We’re very happy to announce the new Smoke Radio committee, who will be running all things fun and radio for students in 2019-2020!

You may have met them at Fresher’s fair, but if not, here’s your introduction!

Ashleigh Swan – Station Manager
Ashleigh manages the overall output of Smoke Radio from a day-to-day basis, constantly helping to develop programmes and content ideas. She answers any and all queries that anyone involved or not involved with the station has. She also looks for opportunities for the station in the local area and across London in order to showcase the Smoke Radio image. She works extensively with the Student’s Union and outside sources.

Favourite artist: Enrique Iglesias
Fun fact: She has a phobia of coins

Sara Hebil-Motie – Deputy Station Manager
Sara supports Ashleigh with everything from shows, content and events. She also has a general look over the shows from both daytime and specialist and is in charge of the brand new Cavendish studio.

Sara’s newest exciting project is The Smokedown, which she designed to tackle the lack of diversity in the radio industry and allow more culture into Smoke Radio.

Favourite artist: Lizzo
Fun fact: She’s from Morocco

Harri Campion – Head of Technical
Harri maintains all of the technical aspects of Smoke Radio. If your show is not streaming or playing out, if something is broken in the pod at Harrow, Harri is there to fix it.

Favourite artist: Alanis Morrisette
Fun fact: She auditioned for the role of Hermione Granger for the first Harry Potter film. for tech issues.

Niamh Hutchings – Head of Digital Content
Niamh runs all of the online content for Smoke Radio. That includes the website and social media like our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Her job is to promote shows, articles and events for Smoke Radio, designing graphics, posters and videos.

Favourite artist: McFly
Fun fact: She has performed at the Royal Albert Hall twice.

Derrian Douglas – Head of Events
Derrian organises all of the events Smoke Radio plans and takes part in. She brainstorms ideas for the events, serves as the crisis control team at every Smoke Radio event and puts on one quality event per month. She is in charge of getting press passes for events throughout London and helps students to create lasting relationships with companies and agencies Smoke Radio wants to work with.

Favourite artist: Jonas Brothers
Fun fact: She has a tattoo dedicated to the

Lauren Watson – Head of Daytime
Lauren runs all of the daytime content. These are shows between 6am and 6pm. If you’d like your own show between these times, email Lauren for more information.

Favourite artist: My Chemical Romance
Fun fact: She is the same age as Google.

Alex Irons – Head of Specialist
Alex is the head of specialist shows – including podcasts! These shows can be on any topic you want to talk about. Alex is on hand to help with guests and event coverage. His new launch for this year is live football coverage so if you’re interested, send Alex an email.

Favourite artist: Periphery
Fun fact: He was born in the same hospital as Peter Andre.

Callum Reeve – Head of Music
Callum runs the music side of Smoke Radio, creating the three playlists Smoke Radio uses live on air. He is also in charge of booking artists for events. If you’re a musician and want your music played on Smoke Radio, give Callum an email.

Favourite artist: Avicii
Fun fact: He hates cheese.

Hannah Wilson – Head of Journalism
Hannah runs Smoke Radio’s online content, news shows like The Smoke Detector, and a new student podcast called The Undergrad. She runs the journalism team, writes for the website and comes up with ideas for new coverage.

Favourite artist: Tom Misch
Fun fact: She owns three guitars and can’t play any of them.

We’re a brand new committee and we need members so sign up today and join the Smoke Radio family.