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How I got addicted to delivery services

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How I got addicted to delivery services

6 months ago
By Tristan Prawl

It all started at the Taste of London, November 2016. A particularly enthusiastic booth worker pulled me into a conversation at the HelloFresh booth. HelloFresh delivers three meals for two – fresh ingredients and recipes included – every Sunday AND “you can get your first two boxes half off if you sign up right now!”, or so my new friend told me. In the interest of fewer trips to the grocery store and some variation from the five meals I already know how to make, I signed up. Plus, I could always cancel my subscription after the first two boxes, right?

Before I knew it, I had created a Utopia for myself

Box number one had come, and oh what fun it was. There is nothing quite like the rush of getting your very own delivery to unpack, like a present you bought yourself and one that comes every week? It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. Helpless to this entrapment, I did not cancel my subscription after the first two deliveries.

Now, I pay 40 pounds per week instead of 20. Nonetheless, I felt like I was living my best life. Making things like Sicilian caponata, Iranian lamb stew, and zaatar salmon I felt like some kind of Gordon Ramsey apprentice. The kicker? It wasn’t just food that came in the box, a small envelope came with it every week – the cause of my demise. Vouchers. Vouchers for other delivery services.

A voucher for your first and fifth Graze box of healthy snacks free (once a week), a voucher for half off your first Birchbox of makeup samples picked just for you (once a month), a voucher for your first free box of Beer52 craft beers (once a month), before I knew it I was subscribed to all four, yes four, delivery services. Telling myself, yet again, I would cancel after my initial complimentary boxes.

I think you can guess how that went. I was sucked in, down the rabbit hole with deliveries arriving every other day. I’d created a Utopia for myself in which I almost never had to go to the grocery store. I drew the line at a 55 pound discount for a crate of 12 bottles of wine (once a month) – but what a steal though really.

It may be too late for me, but you can save yourselves

As much as I loved receiving package after package, once past the honeymoon phase with my subscriptions I started to realise some of the Graze snacks were too healthy to be tasty and even though I described my hair as “afro” on my Birchbox profile I was sent volumising spray – an oversight I am still baffled by today.

I am happy to say I have now canceled three of my four subscriptions, with plans to cancel the fourth. And no, it is most definitely not because it’s almost time for me to return to the states for the summer holiday. I can’t say I wouldn’t recommend getting beer delivered to your house once a month, but don’t give in to all the vouchers.

Every delivery service comes with its own envelope of vouchers for other delivery services. It is a vicious cycle ladies and gentleman. It may be too late for me, but you can save yourselves the trouble if you can resist like I could not.