Elections 2017: New Team Takes The Throne


Elections 2017: New Team Takes The Throne

8 months ago
By Nicole El-Helou

After much drama and disruption, on Tuesday 28th February the University of Westminster Students’ Union elected five new sabbatical officers for 2017/2018. Fifteen candidates ran overall for the positions of President, Vice President of Regents and Little Titchfield Street, Vice President of Marylebone, Vice President of Cavendish, and Vice President of Harrow.

The elected officers are President Freya Thompson, Vice President of Regents and Little Titchfield Street Ethel Tambudzai, Vice President of Marylebone Joseph Ikebudu, Vice President of Cavendish Ludovica Sinichiscali Bernabo, and Vice President of Harrow Dan Seamarks.

The 2017 UWSU Elections has seen a big overall turnout with 8672 votes cast, despite various technical difficulties occurring throughout the week. The number could be based on the technical issues the Students Union had with missing and defective voter links.

8672 votes were cast, despite various technical difficulties occurring throughout the week.

The first officer to be elected was the Vice President of Harrow. Current officer, Dan Seamarks, re-ran for the position unopposed, and received 1155 votes, with RON receiving 400 votes. He said, “I’m looking forward to next year and I think we’ve got a lot left to do.”

The Vice President of Cavendish role was next, where current officer, Ludovica Sinichiscali Bernabo also re-ran unopposed, and received 1256 votes, with RON receiving 224 votes. She said “Thank you to everyone who voted again and I’m looking forward to being here for a second year.”

The Marylebone campus saw five candidates campaign for the role of Vice President. Joseph Ikebudu won with 522 votes, beating runner up Helsio Perestrelo who received 427 votes, while RON received 191 votes. The other candidates in the running were Bob Alimov, Darshan Bhudia, and Mahammed Tahir. Ikebudu collapsed on stage after winning and therefore could not make a statement.

Freya Thompson and Bekeowei Okoro await the result. Image: Emma Pion-Berlin

The position for Regents and Little Titchfield Street campus also saw five candidates battle it out for the role. The new Vice President is Ethel Tambudzai, who won with 607 votes, beating runner up Faizullah Muhammedali, who received 363 votes. RON received 118 votes. Their fellow candidates were Joe Griffith, Zurria Qureshi, Billy Hartling-Watters. She said “Thank you to everyone who believed I could do this.”

Finally, the new President of the Students Union was announced. Freya Thompson won with 764 votes against runner up Bekeowei Okoro with 408, and RON received 68 votes. Thompson beat other candidates Francis Ekwealor, and Mike Williams. The new President said “There’s a lot of things I still want to do and my competitors were sick. I really enjoyed this campaign but it was hard, mentally hard.”

All the new officers looked extremely happy as they posed for their first official photographs as a new Sabbatical team. They will begin training and start work in July, ready for the onset of the new academic year, and new and returning students.