Peking Duk and Icona Pop: Interview


Peking Duk and Icona Pop: Interview

10 months ago
By Miriam Cocuzza

Peking Duk is an Australian duo formed by Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles. Starting their ascent in 2014 with the ARIA-winning 4 platinum single ‘High’, they now collaborated with the famous duo Icona Pop, formed by Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. Both of the duos were in London and in a cold and windy day, Miriam Cocuzza went sightseeing on The Original Tour bus with Icona Pop and Peking Duk, chatting about how they met, their new single “Let you down” and some funny curiosities.

How long have you been in London now?

Icona Pop: Two days

Peking Duk: Four years, four days? Six months! No, Three days! We’ve been partying like idiots.We had house parties until 9 am. But it was really fun!

How did you guys meet?

Aino Jawo (IP): The first time we met was actually in the air. We were on an airplane and we met these guys. We actually saw them the night before but we didn’t know it was them, we were like “we saw some DJs last night”

Reuben Styles (PD): Yeah they were like “we saw these two Australian DJs playing at the W” and I was like wait I think it was us!

IP: You guys were crazy, you were jumping around and doing crazy stuff.

Icona Pop still have their single “I love it!” in nightclubs playing after almost 6 years, how does it feel to collaborate with such an iconic duo?

Adam Hyde (PD): It is an amazing privilege. Honestly, we didn’t think they were going to reply. It’s like one of those moments when you dream of something and then it becomes reality and you’re like “that’s really weird”

Caroline Hjelt (IP): We love these guys and their music. We also have similar crowds, when we joined you guys on stage the other day, we just felt like people just wanted to have fun.

Aino (IP): And these guys are triple platinum in Australia, which is fantastic!

Let’s be serious for a minute and let’s talk about the “Let you down” music video. Did I see some anxiety and panic attacks in there?

Adam (PD): It’s about a woman who cannot commit to this man, who’s madly in love with her. She knows she’s going to f**k it up, so she runs away, she sets herself on fire, jumps off a cliff…

Reuben (PD): And she keeps seeing him proposing to her.

Aino (IP): It’s a really sad song, and you can relate to that because sometimes you are the worst person in the relationship.
Reuben (PD): Have you ever watched the movie “Candy”? It has a similar story to the “Let you down” music video, where this couple is in love but they need to leave each other because it’s a toxic relationship.

London or Los Angeles?

PD: London!

IP: London!

Twitter or Instagram?

IP: Instagram!

Adam (PD): Instagram!

Reuben (PD): Twitter! You can scroll and find news, memes and it has got everything.

Pizza or McDonald’s?

IP: Pizza!

PD: Pizza! We had pizza for breakfast.

Caroline (IP): You can put anything on that!

PD: Not pineapples!

Caroline (IP): I love Hawaii pizza!

Adam (PD): I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

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