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Primavera Sound: What are we looking forward to?

Music, Reviews

Primavera Sound: What are we looking forward to?

4 months ago
By Omar Balde

We arrived in Barcelona on Monday, and we could feel the festival spirit running in the city streets.
During the week of Primavera Sound, there’s a lot of concerts in the city, to get you prepared for the festival itself. So we took the opportunity to explore one of the best places for gigs, Apolo, where we had the chance to watch Cigarettes After Sex.

Cigarettes After Sex are an American slow indie band that have already released two EPs, and are set to release their first LP this summer.

The concert they gave was everything we wanted and gave us a feeling of comfort and peace.

They played songs from their new album including the highly acclaimed single Apocalypse, as well as some of their old songs prompting the audience to sing along.

The day after was an open day; all the people in Barcelona were welcomed to have a taste of the festival.

The Lineup surprised the people with names like Gordi and Local Natives, piquing the public’s interest.

With just one EP Gordi made the critics fall in love with her, this Australian girl burst onto the scene with a lot of energy, and we had the chance to watch her perform.

After Gordi it was time for Local Natives. They are an American indie rock band that released their second album last year. They have had a lot of success, and their concerts are known for being fun and energetic.

The concert not only had these attributes but also had emotion. Through the song Fountain of youth, they sent a message of hope to the public, stating that despite the hard times Europe and America are facing, this generation can surpass them. They also covered a Kanye West song that put a smile on everyone’s face.

This is what we experienced during the warm up, a good way to get us ready for the days to come. Stay tuned for more festival fun!