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Primavera Sound: Bon Iver, Solange and more on day 1

Music, Reviews

Primavera Sound: Bon Iver, Solange and more on day 1

4 months ago
By Omar Balde

The first day of Primavera Sound was a day of discovery the vast space of the festival. As the festival was so big, in all the senses we just focus on the main stages, yes it was two of them.


Miguel is a funk, R&B singer that complements his amazing voice with rock and electronic bits.

The sun was starting to settle down when start listens to the voice of Miguel, a voice that goes from the rock voice to a Mariah Cary high notes.

By Sergio Albert

It was a concert that impresses the people, made everyone dance and get into the spirit of the festival. Give the festival a good sunset vibes.

Miguel was incredible, showing his high notes and his dance moves, with an amazing band supporting him. This concert just set the tune for the rest of the evening.

The Mango Stage was with red lights, a minimalistic seat. Her band start to arrive on the stage getting in the position like it was a parade, then we start to listen to Rise, and Solange appears.

She starts her performance, really polished, all synchronised with the band all the movements and all their moves.

By Sergio Albert

The performance evolves without stopping music from music, the band is always playing, and she is giving us all, precise dance movements and an amazing voice.

When she starts to sing Mad she decides to get out of the stage and go to the public, be with them, but not for all; she looks for the black people in the crowd. She refuses to be with the white people because the song is from and for the black community. So she goes and sings the song entirely by herself doing the Lil Wayne part.

After this, she goes back on stage and continues with her performance till the end, something close to an encore, but still part of her performance. Ending up with Rise closing the cycle of her incredible performance, which left the people with a lot of feelings ending up loving the performance of Solange.

Bon Iver
The night goes high, and A beautiful but strange noise starts, and we know that Bon Iver just starts his show.

He begins with the music of the new album and goes for a long time with it. You feel the magic but not the urge to dance, just give you feelings of how good his new album is. But is just that.

By Eric Pamies

As the concert develops, he begins to play music from the older albums, getting everyone singing with him and being a part of his show.

Almost, at the end of the concert, he finally tries to engage the people and does a kind of rock with a lot of drums and guitar, completely out of nowhere, being just strange.

He ends ups with an encore of Skinny Love and leaves. Proving that he is not an artist for main stages, but for small stages, or at least he doesn’t know how to adapt yet for this kind of scenes.

The Unexpected
Arcade Fire

This year the Primavera Sound decided to create something new called the unexpected, So this is secret gigs that will happen during the festival, but people just will know one hour before it happens, if they have the app of the festival.

So on the first day, everyone was surprised when Arcade Fire announced a secret show. The show was during the Miguel concert, and it was a warm up for the last day, that they were going to play on the main stage.

by Eric Pamies

So with rumours of the new album coming and that they would release new music the next day we had the privilege to be the first to know some new music from the next LP of them. Of course, they played the old music too but gave us the taste of what is coming.

With this, we can say that the album is more electric but good, with the spirit of Arcade Fire, that they have in their music.

The first day of the festival was fantastic it’s done and is still are two to come and a lot of music to listen.