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Primavera Sound: Four acts we loved on day 2

Music, Reviews

Primavera Sound: Four acts we loved on day 2

4 months ago
By Omar Balde

After the intensity of the first day, the second day did not let us down as loads of talent and good music was showcased.

We decided to start with the soul of Sampha. He started collaborating with SBTRK in 2010, and released his first album this February.

The concert started with Timmy’s Prayer and everyone got emotional by the artist’s beautiful voice; the public was devoted to listening till the end.

By Garbine Irizar

As the concert went on, the magic continued. There were no surprises as Sampha performed his work in a way that captivated the audience; they couldn’t get their eyes off the stage. He uses his voice and his instrumentals in an amazing way.

There was no better way to end the set than with an encore, with the beautiful song (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano giving us chills. The best way to start the day.

Mac DeMarco
By nightfall, it was time to shake things a little bit. And what better way to do it than with Mac DeMarco.

He started his set with Salad Days, but everyone couldn’t stop noticing the naked drummer.

by Erica Pamies

From there on the concert just escalated, even Whitney joined the party by crowd surfing.

But “we are together” as Mac DeMarco said while we were smoking a cigarette and getting undressed singing Still Together, this lasted for about 12 minutes.

It was the best way to end an amazing set that gave us all energy, and lots of laughs, showing that Mac DeMarco doesn’t care, he does what he does and is amazing at it, a bit crazy but amazing.

The xx
After the craziness of Marc DeMarco, The xx arrived at the main stage with their recent hit Say Something Lovely getting everyone to sing and dance to the rhythm.

They performed songs from their first album for a bit before going back to their latest one till we got to Replica and Performance. Our emotions got to another level, with solos from Oliver Sim and Romy Croft.

By Eric Pamies

As the party continued, they adapted the song Shelter and made it danceable which was amazing. Afterwards the public wanted more, so they came back for an encore.

They closed the set with Angels leaving with a job well done, proving that they grew and became a band that can “hold on” to a massive crowd without letting them down.

Run The Jewels
There was no better way to end the second day than with Run The Jewels’ great hip hop.

They conquered the hip-hop world last Christmas with their third album.

And during their set they did not disappoint. Run The Jewels opened with the iconic Queen song We Are The Champions after which they performed Talk To Me.

Sergio Albert

From there on the party just got better, with a lot of energy and dancing. Unfortunately, the sound went off for a few minutes when they were singing Blockbuster Night, Part 1 . But they know how to bring a party back, and they did it by giving us a cover of Nobody Speak from Dj Shadow.

They brought the house down and it was the best way to end the night.

And that’s the second day, stay tuned for the third and final day!