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Primavera Sound: Day 3 in six bands

Music, Reviews

Primavera Sound: Day 3 in six bands

4 months ago
By Omar Balde

The last day of the festival and maybe the best way to end such a big event. And so the day started, and we decided to explore more bands and their stages to discover more.

Swet Shop Boys

When you mix the London Grime scene with American Hip-hop and an unusual background (Indian and Pakistani), you get Swet Shop Boys.

They started in 2014, but just released their album last year, Cashmere. The critics were amazed by the album, it’s one of the best rap albums of 2016.

The concert started with Zayn Malic and with that, we started to see why they are considered so great in what they do. Their sound brings us back to the streets of London, and it feels like we are in south London just with a hotter temperature.

By Alba Ruperez

The concert continued to evolve, and the music was engaging, they were doing so well that even Riz MC said that Heems should be a singer.

After they sang/rapped Lossing My Religion To Tommorrow’s Headlines, Riz Mc had to speak about the situations happening across the world, of course, he did it in rap.

The concert continued, and they finished with T5, leaving everyone amazed by the Grime and rap they brought.

Angel Olsen

We left the Grime of Swet Shop Boys to go and listen to the indie folk of Angela Olsen.

She’s been in the scene since 2010, but her last album My Women is the one that gave her a push in her career, being on the list of best albums of 2016 in almost all of the music magazines.

By Nuria Rius

Angel Olsen’s set started with one of her old songs High And Wild, getting us in the mood, then things started to get interesting, and people started to move with Shut Up Kiss Me.

The concert went on and she enchanted the public with her music until we noticed it was the end of her set. It was so short but so beautiful to listen to her live.


There’s no better way to start the night than with some Metronomy music.

They have a bit of everything, dancing songs, cool songs, sad songs and happy songs. But one thing is for sure with five albums in their pocket, there’s no way they could not make everyone dance.

They started their set with their lates album Summer 08 with the song Back Together, which created the vibe and energy for the rest of the show.

By Eric Pamies

They continued to perform songs from their last album, but then everything got calm, and all of us became Aquarius song from Lo. Everyone sang with them their hit song I’m Aquarius.

After so many Love letters we had access to a new song called Lately, it’s coming out on the next album and is entirely different from Summer 08 , being danceable, electric and with an excellent surprise.

The concert went on, and they ended with Reservoir, a nice way to say goodbye to an amazing show that makes you want more.

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is one of the most iconic Divas in the World she’s almost at the same level as Cher.

As she came out with a mask and a big cloth that flutters on the stage, she sang a cover of Nightclubbing by Iggy Pop. Afterwards, she went backstage and changed her clothes.

Even with the age of 69, she came to Primavera Sound to slay, just covering her body with tribal paint. She even brought an exotic dancer to join her who did the hu li hup during one entire song. She also put a strap on in one performance.

By Eric Pamies

All of this showed her exuberance in her performance, which goes beyond her music. In between changing costumes and her songs, she covered songs from The Pretenders, Private Life, and Roxy Music, Love Is A Drug. The set ended with her song Slave to The Rhythm, one of the best ways to say goodbye, making us slave to her rhythm.

The set that Grace Jones gave proved that she’s better than ever and that her music is still powerful and amazing. When she goes to a concert she will make you dance and live her experience.

Arcade Fire

This is the second time Arcade Fire has performed at the festival, but this time they have a bigger stage and a bigger setlist.

I got the impression that most of the 55 million people were there to watch them. They started the set with one of their most famous hits, Wake Up, and made everyone sing along. After that, they sang their new song Everything Now and a lot of people were already singing along, the song was released three days before.

By Sergio Albert

The concert continued, and they started playing all the old albums played music that they usually don’t play live, like Neon Bible and In The Backseat.

The crowd went crazy and didn’t stop jumping, dancing and singing to the sound of Arcade Fire.

They ended the set with an encore of a new song Windowsill, that refers to the situation that the world is going through right now. Win Butler then said goodbye stating to “Take care of each other”, something that we all need at that moment.


After the Arcade Fire concert, the people who had the Primavera Sound app received a message saying: “at 2:55 Am we have something to tell you at Ray-Ban Stage”.

At that point, we had the privilege to know that HAIM were in Barcelona to perform at Primavera Sound.

They are on the verge of making their second album, and the best way to start the concert was with their new hit Want You Back. They were as excited as the public, and shared some stories about how they dreamed of playing at Primavera Sound Barcelona.

The concert went on, and they decided to give us a treat with a new song Little Of Your Love. After that, the sisters played the classics of their first album.

The concert ended with Right Now, one of their new songs and the three played the drums together to finish up the show with a boom.

There was no better way to end the festival than with a surprise like that, one that gave us energy and the thirst for more.

Next Year the festival will be from 31th of May until the 2nd of June. We are already counting the days!