SBSR comes to an end


SBSR comes to an end

3 months ago
By Omar Balde

The festival has been amazing, it’s a shame that all good things come to an end.


The day started hot and slow with the Brazilian Silva.

SILVA is a musician who mixes bossa nova sounds with indie music creating a new relaxing sound. His first album, Claridão, was released in 2012. Since then Silva has released many albums.

By Gonçalo Sobral

Once the concert started the vibe was set for a great afternoon as he began with familiar songs such as Jupiter and 2012.

It was a good show to enjoy under the beautiful sun.


There’s nothing better to listen to during a sunset than some nice jazz music; add a little rock to it and you get Taxiwars.

They are a Belgian band with a new view of jazz that started in 2014. They released the album Fever on November last year and got four stars by the Financial Times.

By Gonçalo Sobral

They made everyone move and dance, with their jazz/rock music, it all seemed so fast, but that’s because everyone was having fun.

Listening to them gets your mind in conflict, but not in a bad way as you just get the sound of jazz with the rhythm of rock.

It was a fun sunset with fantastic music to dance to.

Foster The People

The main stage was set, and we all ran to see Foster the People.

Foster the People are an indie pop band from California that became famous with their first album in 2010. Their song Pumped Up Kicks was playing everywhere that year. They have also released two more albums, Supermodel in 2014 and Sacred Hearts Club this year.

The reviews for the last album gave us the excitement we needed for the show, we wanted to see what they had to offer.

By Gonçalo Sobral

They engaged with the public right away with their newest songs which the public embraced right away and loved.
The show flowed nicely as it showcased old and new songs. It was progressive and surprising.


If we thought that metal was dead, Deftones came to prove us wrong.

Deftones are one of the premium bands of metal that started in 1988, and they are still performing now.

After the death of one of their members, Chi Cheng, back in 2013. Nobody thought that they would re-release new material, but last year they gave us the amazing Gore “Sadly, it took a tragedy like that for us to really reconnect,” Says Chino Moreno to The Guardian in one interview.

By Gonçalo Sobral

The concert was full with an amazing set of people, since old chaps that wanted to watch Deftones again till teenagers that want to know what is the metal.

the concert goes on and is a mix of nostalgia and metal that you feel in the air as they don’t play that much of the new album but a lot of their great White Poney, making the people go crazy.

The concert was great and it was a reminder that metal is alive and well.

James Vincent McMorrow

After Deftones, there’s a need to slow down a bit and get closer to the Earth.

So we get down to see James Vicent McMorrow. He’s an Iris Alternative Rock singer, with beautiful music.

His first album, Early Morning was a huge success international in 2010, he just released his fourth album Take Care.

By Gonçalo Sobral

When we get to the stage the concert has already started, but even like that we get involved in his music, it feels like magic.

The folk, the rhythm and his voice just get in harmony in this perfect moment of the evening.

The concert flows in between albums with a lot of focus on his third album, surprisingly not playing much of the new material.

At the end of the show, the public left with a smile but hoping that he would play Higher Love, the tune that made him famous, but besides that, it was a good concert to put the feet back on earth.

Fatboy Slim

The best way to end a festival is with dancing, there’s no better way to do it.

One o the best person to help is Fatboy Slim the British Dj that his music makes everyone shake like a polaroid picture.

By Gonçalo Sobral

With a lot of lights effects and craziness in the middle Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, gives the deep house, the electro sounds, what we can expect from his concerts.

In the middle of so many dances, we start to notice that his sounds are good but not amazing.

His sounds are getting dated, he needs to upgrade to 2017 or even 2018, we want the future and we expect that from him.

Still, an amazing time but the public want more from him, and he can deliver more.

This way the 23rd Super Bock Super Rock closes the doors, we can’t wait for the next edition.