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SBSR Day One: Rock and roll’s Portuguese home

Features, Music

SBSR Day One: Rock and roll’s Portuguese home

1 year ago
By Omar Balde

We arrived in Lisbon with no time to waste.

Super Bock Super Rock was calling for us, and oh did we reply. Our first day was mainly running around, playing catch-up with the music.

The Orwells

We arrived just in time to catch The Orwells over on the EDP stage. If you don’t know The Orwells’ particular brand of American indie – they began in 2012 with the LP Remember When, and, sonically-speaking, have done nothing but grow since.

foto by: Gonçalo Sobral

All things considered, it was a neat way to start our SBSR experience, giving us the energy we needed to keep up with the rest of the day. The Orwells’ crowd interaction, in particular, was on point, but just a taste of what the rest of the day had in store.

Capitão Fausto

Portugal is one of rock and roll’s spiritual homes.

The effortlessly cool Portuguese rockers Capitão Fausto embody that tradition. Everything was in Portuguese, which we didn’t speak, but nonetheless beautiful and amazing – the kind of stuff you can’t help but dance to.

photo by Gonçalo Sobral

If Capitão Fausto is the future of rock, sign us up! One to watch, for sure.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The moment had finally arrived, and the main stage was surrounded by happy people in the mood for ‘Californication’. When RHCP finally got to the stage, the crowd went suitably crazy and were treated to an improvised intro that sequenced into the singalong hit Can’t Stop.

From then on, the show passed through all the old classics, eventually arriving at more recent tracks from the album The Getaway.

With a back catalogue spanning for more than 20 years, RHCP did an admirable job of covering as much material as possible over the course of a two-hour set. All we missed was the audience interaction we had become accustomed to earlier in the day, but overall the show was an ideal summation of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ career.

The show ended with an encore, closing on the much-desired Give It Away. A pretty appropriate closer for day one of SBSR, we thought.

Join us tomorrow for day two…