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Smoke Awards winners 2017

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Smoke Awards winners 2017

4 months ago
By the Smoke Media team

Smoke Media volunteers got together one last time to celebrate all the work of 2016/17 in a glitzy ceremony at Ruby Blue, Leicester Square last night.

This year’s event was attended by a record-breaking 90 volunteers and alumni. Will Manning, now of Capital FM, presented the radio categories, and judges from across the media industry picked out the winners.

Joshua Hackett, Westminster SU’s student media coordinator, said; “It’s a great privilege to celebrate with this year’s incredibly talented bunch of students.”

“Smoke produced more quality journalism and involved more volunteers this year than in any previous year – I’m glad that we can recognise that.”

Freya Thompson, president of Westminster SU, said; “Student media showed not only can they break innovative news stories, but they can also break moves on the dance floor as they celebrated their year’s successes.”

“The Smoke Awards showed why they are so important to the SU and what a formidable year they’ve all had! Congrats!”

The winners are;

  • QH
  • Mag
  • Radio
  • TV
  • QH

    Best News Story
    Nicole Helou for ‘Westminster Hacked

    Best Feature
    Rituja Rao for ‘The girl who spoke out in a lecture’

    Best Design
    Damian Burchardt for the QH sports section

    Best Interview
    Etienne Fermie for ‘Rohan Rickett’s story

    Outstanding contribution
    Damian Burchardt

  • Smoke Mag

    The Smoke Mag team proudly celebrated a year of progress and development, which has paved the way for greatness in years to come by announcing eight award winners and seven highly commended journalists.

    Best Opinion Piece
    Highly Commended: Meghna Agarwal – Break Down The Walls And Stop Building New Ones
    Winner: Delmar Terblanche – Is Mourning Fidel Castro A Glorification Of Human Rights Abuse?

    Best Fashion Piece
    Highly Commended: Elizaveta Kolesnikova – Is There A Future For Fashion Weeks?
    Winner: Kate Reichardt – Feminism In Fashion: A Political Movement Or A Passing Trend

    Best Lifestyle Piece
    Highly Commended: Kiera Chapman – Cinamon Spice And A Seasonal Slice
    Winner: Charlotte Racher – Five Things You Only Know If You Study In Harrow

    Best Review:
    Highly Commended: Alessandra Bertocco – Don Juan in Soho
    Winner: Delmar Terblanche – Starboy

    Best Feature
    Highly Commended: Sasha Wickenden – The Real Life Peggy Carters
    Winner: Smoke Mag’s LGBT History Month Campaign

    Best Interview
    Winner: Lareb Naseem – Crown The Empire

    Contributor of the Year
    Highly Commended: Sonakshi Sharma
    Winner: Alessandra Bertocoo

    Editor of the Year
    Highly Commended: Imani Livingston
    Winner: Cristian Angeloni

  • Smoke Radio

    Most Committed Volunteer
    Emma Halligan

    Best Newcomer
    Bethany Glover

    Best Interview
    Sofia Loporcaro

    Best Male
    Stephen Small

    Best Female
    Kaylee Golding

    Best Daytime
    Thursday Breakfast

    Best Specialist
    Kaylee Golding

    Best Producer
    Pulama Kaufman

    One Year On
    Rachael Bird

    Smoke Radio Hall of Fame inductee
    Will Manning

  • Smoke TV

    Best On Screen Male
    Mike Williams for Spiral

    Best On Screen Female
    Nicole el-Helou for Spiral

    Best Camerawork
    Shiven Kapoor for The Big Debate and Westminster Holi 2017

    Best Producer
    Noura Abou Zeinab for Spiral

    Best Feature
    Amy Avent for The Big Debate – What’s Next for the USA