Sports societies: The perfect way to settle into University life


Sports societies: The perfect way to settle into University life

2 years ago
By Jack Leslie - Sports Editor

By Jack Leslie, Sports Editor, @jackleslief1

From Fustal to Badminton, Equestrian to Judo, there are plenty of sports societies to choose from at the University of Westminster.

To give students a taste of the societies on offer, The QH has caught up with a few of them to see what goes on, what can be expected and why it is worth joining.

Society: Equestrian

The Equestrian Club is one of the newest members of the UWSU sports family, having started last year. It has grown short space of time with training for all levels.

The club brings a welcome escape from the city for students, training once a week in Harefield, a 30-minute drive from Harrow. Regular socials are also organised – such as beach rides and camping trips – for members to destress.

Try-outs to compete in national competitions are also held. “This year we have been invited onto the GB Student Riders training scheme which offers riders the opportunity to ride for Great Britain if selected,” team captain Charlotte Longhurst said.

The Equestrian Club can be found on Facebook or by emailing:

Society: Men’s Basketball

Joining this society will not only give students the chance to improve their skills, but it will also to play in high-level leagues and represent the university.

The Dragons train from four to five days per week at the Harrow campus. The society also has an outreach programme, with players coaching in primary schools and the local community – bringing basketball to more people.

There are fortnightly socials, as well as tours and team building activities.

Head coach Michael Case said: “We are a family. We support each other and we learn through the lifestyle of basketball, the commitment of basketball how to use its tool or adapt its philosophy in everyday life.”

It’s incredibly easy to get in touch by searching: ‘UWSU Basketball’ on social media. Questions can be sent to too.

Society: Karate

Want to try something different? Karate could be the answer. Gavin Mulholland, club instructor explains, Karate is a little different at the University of Westminster: “It is distinct from the modern day sport that most people know as ‘Karate’. In fact, we are the forerunner to modern karate and focus on genuine combat effectiveness in a street situation.  

“Training at the club is therefore combat oriented and is not geared up to sport or competition. Most martial arts contain an element of self-defence, but the primary goal of Combat Karate is to teach you how to defend yourself in an attack situation.”

The club meets twice a week (on Monday and Wednesday) to train at the Somers Town Community Sports Centre.

For more information, visit the website or email

Society: Women’s Football

“University can often be a really stressful and lonely,” says Vanessa Vaz, captain of the Women’s Football society. “At our society we make sure all the members have an opportunity to bond with fellow students and enjoy every aspect of the University life.”

Football requires strong teamwork and a great bond between players, and that is a fantastic way to make friends and make the most of the time students have at University.

The women’s football club meet around three times per week. It is a diverse group, competing in games throughout the year and training at the Harrow campus.

Trials take place at the beginning of every semester, but the door is always open for students to get involved. Want to get in touch? Search for them on social media, or email