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The dos and don’ts when it comes to uni room décor

Lifestyle, Radio

The dos and don’ts when it comes to uni room décor

2 years ago
By Tiarna Jones

Just moved out? Are you feeling homesick? Or if not, fed up with staring at the four dull walls of your uni bedroom? I’ve got just the trick.

Try vamping up your room with your favourite things! It’s hard moving out and leaving your old room behind and it makes it even harder when you’re feeling homesick, stuck in a tiny room, attempting to start your assignment that you’ve been putting off all week.

In our generation, almost everything we do is praised for being aesthetic and is uploaded to ‘the gram’, so why not make your room something to be proud of?

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to decorating your dull dorm room.

DO – print out photos of your favourite memories (you can use ‘Free prints’ website for this). Pin them to your pin board or an alternative way of displaying photos if you have a Polaroid is to attach them to a string with clothes pegs. This will help you feel close to your friends and family back home!

DON’T – leave your walls photo-less and only pin up to do lists and post it notes.

DO– keep plants in your room, it’s a good idea to grow some sort of life in your room to make you feel less lifeless from the lack of sleep. Ikea sells plants for as little as £3! If you’re looking for somewhere more local – there’s a garden centre just down the road from the university.

DON’T– let your plants die! Take care of them and give them a name. No one wants a dead Aloe Vera looming over them.

DO– organise your stuff! Keep your work in folders or magazine files, it will help you feel like you’ve got your life together. Also, it’s much easier to find things.

DON’T– just leave your work here there and everywhere! It will get lost and then you’ll be kicking yourself when you’re late for a lecture, scrambling under your bed for last week’s notes.

DO– purchase some fairy lights if you get the chance, or even a funky lamp to brighten up your room.

DON’T– just stick to the terrible hue of the main light, it’s not cosy at all.

DO– purchase a clothes rack if the wardrobe space isn’t enough. A nice little Christmas present maybe? Plus it’s a great way to give your room that extra edge.

DON’T– leave your clothes all over the show if there’s no room to store them, not only does it make the room smaller but it’s also slobbish and makes it much easier to lose things.

DO– decorate your room with personal items from home or things that bring you luck.

DON’T– try to leave home life behind. We all moved out to be independent, but having items from home can stop you feeling homesick, which unfortunately most of us feel once the fun of being a fresher has finished.

DO– decorate the walls. I don’t mean graffiti and paint. Posters are dead cheap and they don’t damage the wall if you use blue tack or command strips instead of cello-tape. If posters aren’t your thing, then why not try a mood board or maybe a collage of photos?

DON’T– leave the walls bare and boring, add some colour and get creative.

DO– make your room look cosy and a place you actually want to be in! This can be achieved by having things like; pillows, blankets, dream catchers or tapestries in your room. Making your room look cosy is great for the upcoming winter months, especially when accompanied with a hot chocolate whilst wearing some comfy slippers.

DON’T– keep your room minimal, make it yours. It’s your area! And it’s your safe space, so make sure you feel comfortable in it!