The role of celebrities in advocating change


The role of celebrities in advocating change

8 months ago
By Sonakshi Sharma

“Stay away from politics and stick to your work,” is always the advice to celebrities when they step out of their usual remit. There is no denying that we all are ultimately a part of politics and Celebrities who have the power to use their fame for expressing their thoughts play an integral role in advocating change in the society.

In my opinion celebrities have always been considered to be “out-of-touch” with the rest of the world. However, it is during times like these, when new laws affect them just as much as they do me and you, that they take a stand.

“Stay away from politics and stick to your work”

I feel that celebrities advocating for social change is very much human. They are not smug when it comes to being a citizen in a country. Laws for them are very much the same as for the public. So if they want to be a part of the crowd and speak as a whole with the society that should not be seen as an act for fame. They already have enough why would they crouch for more?

The presence of such public figures supporting political issues enhances its impact and creates a sense of oneness among the public. Thus, their participation acts as a driving force for the change they want to bring out as a whole in the society.

A perfect example of this was at the Golden Globes when Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her lifetime commitment to the industry and in doing so cleverly made a speech that targeted the US President without actually naming him.

An amalgamation of jokes and deep sentiment worded her speech that resonated with millions however failed for some groups in the society. This is a very strong example of how public figures are expressing themselves under the spotlight or award season. Actors have now used their celebrity identity as a political platform for decades raising issues and commenting on existing ones.

In my opinion, when speaking of such strong political issues the role of celebrities in the society does make a difference towards advocating social change. While they express their views, they evoke a response from the public based on their thoughts.

“Actors have now used their celebrity identity as a political platform”

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