Ten things people with unique names have to deal with


Ten things people with unique names have to deal with

4 months ago
By Shruti Tangirala

Having a unique name entails awkward transactions and trying to keep a straight face when us who aren’t called Tom, Dick and Harry have the same transaction about our name over and over again with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

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Souvenir struggles

Because “Jessica” and “Britney” are the only names used in the female population (apparently)

Repetitive conversations

When you’re outgoing and social but lazy too
The desire to go out and meet people disappears when you think about how you have to explain your name to them.

Meeting someone for the first time

The conversation usually goes as follows:
Me: Hey, I’m Shruti!
Them: Sorry, what was that?
Two hours later
Them: Ah I finally think I got it! Your name is Shorty!

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Starbucks cups

When you’re resigned to the fact that Starbucks will never get your name right
Even if you have been a loyal customer for ten years, they will always end up spelling your name wrong.

Nicknames you do not approve of

When people end up giving you awful nicknames when they can’t pronounce your name to save their lives
Them: Oh gosh, your name is so hard to say! How about I give you a nickname instead?
Me: (tiredly) Sure go ahead
Them: I know! How about I call you Sushi?
Me: Seriously??

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New people, same old conversation

When you’re know exactly what people’s reactions will be to your name
Me at a job interview: My name is Shruti.
Them: Oh, wow your name is –
Me: – so unique and interesting yeah yeah, can we get on with the interview now?

Autocorrect fails

When you have to deal with people spelling your name wrong as well
If I had a pound for the number of times my name had been spelt wrong on certificates and awards, I’d be a millionaire.

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Spellcheck checks your name

When Microsoft Word keeps underlining your name as an error
First step when using Word on a public computer is to add your name to the dictionary.

Some people will never learn

When your teacher who you’ve had for three years still can’t get your name right
Teacher: Congratulations on graduating Shooty!
Me: It’s Shru – you know what never mind I’m just glad to be out of school

But when someone spells, or pronounces your name right on their first try

There is hope in the world yet!