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Five female-led start-ups we hope will become household names

Features, Lifestyle

Five female-led start-ups we hope will become household names

7 months ago
By Katherine Cenaj

In celebration of International Woman’s Day this week, we want to celebrate all the successful business women who are taking a turn at shattering that glass ceiling.

Hosiery designer Bianca Miller ranks number 1

Bianca Miller

Meet Bianca Miller, a former Apprentice finalist who is diversifying the hosiery landscape by offering 8 unique shades of tights to cover the complete spectrum of different skin colours. As she puts it herself from ‘English rose and Irish skin tones all the way up to Sub-Saharan African.” Her business success story began as an 18 year old unable to find the right colour nude tights and has grown from strength to strength since then. Now a 27 year old business woman whose products sell in the likes of retail giants like Topshop, she is using her standing in the business world to empower women of all skin-tones to celebrate their true nude.

Detox Kitchen founder Lily Simpson is ranked second. Image by Issy Croker

Lily Simpson

Self-taught chef, Lily Simpson, founded The Detox Kitchen in 2012 after a friend grumbled that she wished she could cook tasty but healthy meals to kick start her weight loss. Now The Detox Kitchen offers Londoners from the rich and the famous to the every-day professional a fresh 3-meal delivery service straight to their door. With a cookbook, a successful delivery service, 2 deli’s already running in London and plans to open more, Lily Simpson is a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Emily Forbes is in third place

Emily Forbes

Whilst making a film about rhino conservation in South Africa, Emily Forbes discovered the possibility of collective storytelling. At a protest, she realised how it was not only the professionals who were capturing the events through photography and video but also the every-day protestors and that is how the idea of Seenit came about. People worldwide can instantly upload their videos and images to the online platform allowing companies to produce powerful videos including the viewpoints of their employees, customers and fans.

Kate comes in fourth place as a tech savvy designer

Kate Unsworth

Solving our obsession with technology by buying more technology? It sounds ridiculous, but Kate Unsworth managed to find a way to make it work. Vinaya offers the first fashion-conscious, yet sensitive to human habit digital-wear products for women with busy lifestyles. The products will be the first digital products stocked on Net-A-Porter proving that women in technology are pushing the barriers for fashion too.

Alexis Oladipo comes fifth

Alexis Oladipo

The salad in a jar: GymBites. The brainchild of Hackney girl, Alexis Olapido following a hard period of her life battling depression and financial troubles trying to make ends meet, she came up with the idea of healthy food after the gym. With no real competition in 2013, GymBites became a popular yet unconventional grab and go lunch for healthy foodies. The London girl now sees her products on the shelves of Selfridges, showing us what a real girl boss is.