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Transfashion insights in the aim of celebrating transgender awareness week (12-19 November)

Fashion, Radio

Transfashion insights in the aim of celebrating transgender awareness week (12-19 November)

5 months ago
By Miko (Danrong) Xiang

Dressing up cool has been what people go for fashion. When it comes to fashion, the border of gender tends to blow away. To celebrate this year’s Transgender Awareness Week, we have gathered 5 popular fashion items worn by both genders, exploring the ‘genderless’ world of fashion.

1. Mom Jeans

It is getting more frequent to see Mum-style trousers or jeans in different colours being worn by influencers on Instagram. Both genders are in love with this floppy, old-fashioned trousers. Any tops would be ideal to match them for a solid fashion look in all seasons.

Image: H&M

2. Knitwear cardigan
Fancy something stylish but softer and warmer to wear? Those knitwear cardigans with big buttons are the stuff both guys and girls reach for. Simply having a t-shirt underneath and possibly a warmer coat outside the cardigan would make a nice late autumn, early winter look. Again, the various designs would satisfy people in any style. Buttons up, down, or even half-tucked into the trousers, any styling tricks will do!

Image: ASOS

4. Oversized jumper

Those big jumpers in any material are also the ones that cannot be missed when talking about genderless fashion. Those jumpers give the wearers comfort and freedom, as well as build up a casual and cool-looking fashion style externally. The looseness gives people in all sizes to have somewhere to breathe underneath fashion.

Image: Boohoo

3. Bucket hat
Luxury brands like Gucci and Prada have been releasing bucket hats as part of their accessory products. They do not define their hats for women or men only. The extending shape of the hat tends to fit most of the head shapes, at the same time benefiting people from not having too much effort on worrying their hair style. Different fashion sense comes along with various patterns on hats, always creating a sense of vitality.

Image: Dress Inn

5. Dr Martins style shoes

Here introduces the bouncing soled shoes which go well with most of the daily wears. This iconic British design invented by a doctor at the war has provided a heavy fashion sense. The hard black smooth boots tend to complete the outlook of either men or women. These shoes were named as ‘never outdated’ by fashion bloggers of both genders online. Check the styling suggestions from them and go out in your non-gender fashion!

Image: Dr Martens