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UWSU Elections 2017: A number of students unable to vote in election

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UWSU Elections 2017: A number of students unable to vote in election

8 months ago
By Oliver Browning

Update: The SU have since published a statement on the elections, which can be read in full here.

A large number of Westminster students have been unable to vote in this weeks UWSU election before the deadline on Friday, February 24.

The positions of Students’ Union President, Cavendish Campus Vice-President, Marylebone Vice-President, Harrow Vice-President and Regents & LTS Vice-President are all up for grabs. 16 candidates are battling to become part of Westminster’s Students Union sabbatical officer team for 2017-18 across the four campuses.

However, this week’s voting has not run smoothly. A number of Westminster students have reported that they have not received a voting link to their university email – which is the only way to cast a vote.

Rory Mosedale, a second-year Television Production student, logged on to social media to voice his anger towards the Union. He was one of a number of students who has, as of writing, still not received a voting link. He Tweeted:

“When your student union can’t even correctly send out voting links to loads of second years… Guarantee loads of people don’t get to vote because of their **** up and the wrong person wins”.

With just over 24 hours until the vote closes, Smoke Radio can also exclusively reveal the extent of some of the votes cast thus far.

Only 697 students have voted for the position of President – 3.14% of the student body, and 963 people have voted for their next Cavendish Vice-President – 4.34% of eligible voters.

With results night still going ahead as planned on Friday night, it’s unclear what the Students’ Union will do next. If the percentage of actual votes cast remains under 10%, which appears likely at this stage, many students will be calling foul play.

If you have been unable to cast your vote for the 2017 UWSU Elections, click here and follow instructions on the page.

The SU have been asked for comment