Make the most of a weekend in Lisbon


Make the most of a weekend in Lisbon

5 months ago
By Omar Balde

Lisbon is the hype city of Europe at the moment, every travel magazine says it’s one of the best cities to go to and its cheap food is fantastic. If you’re one of the lucky people going there this summer, here are places to visit that most tourists don’t know.

Chill and Relax

Firstly, we have the Gulbenkian park at the city centre, in between Campo Pequeno and praça de Espanha. It is a fantastic park that allows you to get out of the noisy city and see this mix between architecture and nature. Plus, there are two museums inside the park.

Another great park is in Belem; it’s an exotic park with plants from all around the world. Jardim Botanico tropical is breathtaking and has a lot of different plant cultures.

Another thing happening in the parks of the capital this year is the Out Jazz festival. This happens every weekend in the parks around town. The best thing is you don’t need to pay, so you can enjoy the sunset while listening to some good music.

Eat and Drink

The best places to eat in Portugal are the traditional Tascas. They are like the Pubs here, but it’s hard to find them as they are hidden in the middle of neighbourhoods. But once you find one, you eat amazing food in proper portions for a cheap price; I will give you the name of one, Tasca de Santa Catarina. It can be found in between the Bairro Alto and Santos close to the church of Santa Catarina. Try to go to a Tasca, it is the most Portuguese experience that you will ever have.

image from Publico

Another place that is super nice to have a glass with friends and dance a little is Casa Independent, It’s a cool place, that has a lot of projects going on, from concerts to cuisines from other parts of the world. Their garden is so cozy and comfortable for summer nights and one of the advantages is that it’s on the opposite side of Bairro Alto, so a bit away from all the people.

But if you want to drink a good cocktail, nothing is better than going to the Prince Real, which is really close to Bairro Alto. Get into Embaixada and go to Gin Lovers . They have one of the best gin bars in Portugal, and the cocktails are magnificent. You can also have dinner there but it gets a bit pricey. Of course, after this, go and explore the Bairro Alto and try to go to the maximum of bars. A benefit is that you can drink in the streets!

Gin Lovers, Embaixada .

Parties and Festivals

To Party like crazy, there’s nothing better than Lux Fragil, it’s the best club in Portugal. The best DJs in the world go and perform there. If you go there, you will not regret it, but be aware, don’t go there already wasted and don’t go in heels( you will understand). Just get in there and have a blast till the sun rises. It’s an amazing experience watching the sun rising from the terrace of Lux.

Another “underground” place that has the best concerts is Musicbox. The place is literally under the street that goes from Cais do Sodre till Bairro Alto, and is one of the coolest places ever. It’s where all the new indie bands come to perform, even Wild Beasts gave a concert there. It’s a cool place to listen to some good music and dance till 5 in the morning.

However, if you really want to listen to music you should go to a festival. If your holidays happen to fall within the weekend of the 15th of July, you should go to Super Bock Super Rock (SBSR), a city festival close to the river with an incredible lineup such as London Grammar, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Future, Taxiwars, Foster The People, Deftones and others. The festival showcases a lot of good music, and the price of the ticket for the festival’s three days is affordable and gives you the chance to live a really cool experience.

These are our suggestions, but make sure to also go to the tourist destinations; they exist for a reason. So grab a map and explore the city.