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Why I’m glad I fell for a foreigner

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Why I’m glad I fell for a foreigner

5 months ago
By Kate Kulniece

Life is full of surprises. If there was one thing that was not part of my plan, it was an Indian
boyfriend. My narrow-minded Latvian thinking did not go further than beyond my own people. The tall and fair Latvian boys; ‘latvju bāleliņi’, as we call them.

In London, one thing is inevitable – you will meet people from a diverse array of backgrounds, and you could fall for a ‘foreigner’ like I did. Let me tell you something – clichéd, I’ll admit, but he has been one of the best things to happen to me and my then-non-existent love life.

Kate and Her Boyfriend on holiday

Not only has my relationship gifted me with someone who laughs at my jokes (purely out of courtesy) but also, exposed me to a different culture. My Hindi skills now are not limited to a poorly pronounced ‘Namaste’ – now I can proudly name all my favourite Indian foods.

Food! It’s probably (definitely) the chief bonus you’ll get for letting your hips loose with that hot international student you spot across the messy Mondays dancefloor. I did and now I’ve got roti, masala dosa and gallons of dahl running through my veins.

Fall for a ‘foreigner’ like I did

But while food and an Indian accent can cheer me up any time, it’s an Indian guy who understands me on a much deeper level than any Latvian ever has.

We have learned to not stress over opinions on our size, fashion and interests; so why our relationships? Throw away your fear and stereotypes, instead dive into what life has to offer. Diversity is one of the pleasures of living in London; if not for love and connection, then at least for food.

My only concern now is how pale I look next to him.